Could Apple Possibly Owning A Label Change The Face Of Streaming?


As some of you may be aware that there are rumours of Apple apparently to strike a deal with Big Machine, the record label that owns Taylor Swift. This sparked talk of potential exclusives of Taylor swift and other Big Machine to apple and their future streaming prospects.

It is quite safe to say that exclusives to one streaming site will force others to follow suit. Spotify, Pandora and Deezer will all be in the market to get exclusive artists to their site too. Exclusive is not a word I like, it means that you can only get it in once certain place, and usually you have to pay extra to get it. It is a clever but evil marketing system, Sky Tv have been the masters of that for years.

Battling for the rights of certain artists could be key to attaining customers and keeping old ones, Spotify losing Taylor Swift from their ranks would have been a huge blow, and if Apple do get the rights to her music that is a massive gain for them and would surely sway some people to want to use their streaming service. Even though this is a powerful tool in gaining customers, do Apple really need to do it?

Personal opinions of how much I hate Apple aside, you can’t deny their presence in the music industry based on their history of successful hardware and software. From reading an article by Josh Constine on Tech Crunch on the topic, he states that:t

“iTunes is said to have over 800 million credit cards on file and is available in nearly 150 countries. Compare that to the Spotify’s 15 million paying subscribers and roughly 60 countries of operation

Then there’s those 1 billion iOS devices sold. If iTunes’ streaming app comes pre-installed in the next generation of iPhones and iPads, it could leapfrog Spotify’s user base over night..” 

Numbers really speak for themselves, there is a far superior number of Apple loyalist to how many people use Spotify, that is quite a daunting figure for Daniel Ek (owner of Spotify) to look at I would imagine. In reality it is Ek who would likely need to secure exclusives to Spotify to keep up with Apple’s streaming service. As Constine also states, Apple may be late to the party where streaming is concerned, but their usual MO is to enter it with superior fire-power like they did in the phone market.With the potential exclusive artists and the apparent price plan at $7.99 a month which undercuts Spotify’s $9.99, Apple already look like they will steamroll the streaming market.

How does this affect customers? We won’t know until it happens but from clear speculation I expect chart names to be the types of acts that services would try to get to sway customers minds towards them. Bigger names will be the targets, your Sam Smiths and One Directions. Customers will then have to decide if they can afford multiple services or choose a priority one based on their music preference. I personally listen to acts on Spotify that aren’t exactly in the limelight, no major labels, these are the sort of acts i expect to be on several services and I doubt there will be streaming sites that will want their exclusive rights. Assuming that will be the case then if all I want is on Spotify I wouldn’t need to use Apple’s service, though if they start buying up the rights to someone’s favourite artists and it is no longer on Spotify, they are likely to switch over.

What do you think? Will apple dominate the streaming world?

here you can find the article I read